Dark Souls diary 2 – I swear I’d never say it

…but yeah. Praise the goddamned sun.

According to this very blog, I’ve been rooting around in Dark Souls’ Blighttown since September. It hasn’t been constant — again, I hit one of those “I’ve had it” walls as Blighttown’s relentless poison, vertical drops, and overall misery finally overcame me and I looked elsewhere for fun (in the interim, I completed — I mean, 100 percent completed – Rockstar’s incredible Red Dead Redemption). I had made it as far as Blighttown’s bonfire, and had only further down to go.

Again note: this post will contain spoilers, so avoid it if you’re planning on playing.

Most of Blighttown’s indigent enemies aren’t really all that bad in a one-on-one fight. The toughest baddies are the ogres you find guarding the entrances and the boss’ lair, but they’re slow and can be easily circled after their clumsy (but powerful) attacks. The thin cave-dwelling humanoids fall to couple swings of the sword (but learn to avoid their lunges, as they’ll eat your face), as do the poisonous giant mosquitoes and fire-breathing crag spiders. But since this is Dark Souls, the odds are still rarely in your favor.

Although they’re weak, blowdart snipers are placed around the nightmare treehouse scaffolding that makes up Blighttown’s upper levels. They normally have a long time during which they can hit you with impunity, since it’s usually unclear at first how to reach the platforms they’re on. Their darts have a particularly potent that builds up quickly, making the fighting you have to do to reach and dispatch them much deadlier.

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