Heart of the Swarm is out…

… and I am happy.

I’m only four missions into the campaign, so I couldn’t spoil very much if I wanted to. I’ll say this, though — Kerrigan is back, she’s angry, and she’s a (kinetic) blast. Here’s one reason why.

Screenshot2013-03-12 11_27_40

Watching zerglings swarm around Kerrigan as she leads them on an assault on a Dominion base is… well. It’s something else.

There have been numerous enhancements to the base StarCraft II game that everyone, not just Heart of the Swarm players, will be able to enjoy now. A much-enhanced tutorial system will make taking the plunge into full-on ranked multiplayer a lot less daunting. Features like “take command” will let players jump into any replay (their own or others’) and assume control of any side, in order to try different tactics in a battle that went poorly.

But right now I’m excited about the campaign. Sure, Blizzard’s plots aren’t always particularly inspired, but over the course of the many years I’ve dabbled in StarCraft, I’ve grown to love some of these characters. And Kerrigan — betrayed, infested, full of vengeful rage and yet still human — is one of the best ever.


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